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Rui Ribeiro
Rui Ribeiro
SysAdmin at HASLab, INESC TEC

Rui Miguel is a freelance software developer and self taught sysadmin who prefers backend development because forms are boring. Currently collaborating with HaSLab in a weird mix of researcher/sysadmin in the quest of creating tools and infrastructure to optimize everyday tasks via automation and integration. He no longer uses free time to keep working, instead, enjoys the outdoors and tries to wake up the long lost creative side.

Hugo Matalonga
Hugo Matalonga
Freelancer Full-stack Developer

Hugo Matalonga is a freelancer Full-Stack Developer working for over 6+ years. Most of his late work concerns developing scalable progressive web applications. From very young age, he discovered the passion for programming and kept doing it ever since. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Beira Interior. He is a huge enthusiastic of all things open-source and always eager to learn more news topics and technologies as much as he can. Besides his freelance work, he also has been part of a research project in Green Computing for the last year. Recently he has started getting into Machine Learning.

Nuno Machado
Nuno Machado
Senior Researcher at HASLab

Nuno Machado is a senior researcher at HASLab (INESC TEC & University of Minho), working to make large-scale distributed systems more efficient and reliable. He is a firm believer that software development can be both challenging and fun. The former encouraged him to do a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Instituto Superior Técnico and an internship at Microsoft Research in Redmond, during which he developed automated tools to debug concurrency bugs. The latter inspired him to participate in several programming contests, such as Microsoft Imagine Cup (won the 1st prize in 2010) and Sapo Codebits.

Mike Elsmore
Mike Elsmore
Developer & Community Organiser

Mike loves building, tinkering and making odd things happen with code. Using my time to share knowledge on rapid development and different databases. Most of the time he can be found in the middle of a prototype in some combination of JavaScript, server tech and odd API's. Mike also happens to be an active part of the hacker subculture, taking part in hackathons and development conferences. As well as running his own.

< Frequently asked questions >
< F.A.Q. >

What is a hackathon?

It is a programming marathon, where teams of 2-4 put their ideas together to create something exciting in only 24 hours. It gives hackers the chance to turn their ideas into prototypes.

Can I participate?

To be eligible for participation, you need to be a university student or recently left the university. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept students under 18 years old.

How do I register?

After applying for the hackathon using your Github account, you should either create or join a team. Only teams of 2-4 are eligible for acceptance, but full teams are preferable.

What about sleep?

We have a special room for people who want to get some Z's during the night. It is also recommended to take some time to rest during the marathon.

What do I need to bring?

Just your laptop and lots of motivation for this hackathon. We provide free Wi-fi access, food and one table for teams to work on their ideas.

What about food?

We provide lunch, dinner and snacks during the event. You are able to specify dietary restrictions in your profile. We'll do our best to fulfill them.

What is the subject?

This hackathon is subject-free. We encourage you to think out of the box, build up your idea prototype and surprise the jurors.

Don't have a team?

We have an active Slack community with all potential attendees. Join us on Slack, find your buddies and build up a talented team!

What are the rules?

Your should be aware of the Regulation of the hackathon and entirely respect the Code of Conduct.